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017 – The Half Size Me Podcast: How to Make You and Your Weight Loss Goals a Priority with Dr. Melissa McCreery

In this episode of The Half Size Me Podcast, Heather interviews Dr. Melissa McCreery, a psychologist and life coach who runs the site TooMuchOnHerPlate.com! Melissa helps women who are struggling with overeating and weight loss, and she helps them gain control

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Video: One Tip Guaranteed to Improve Your Workouts

by Heather Robertson Do you ever wonder why you’re not getting the results you’d like in the gym? In this short video, Heather shares a tip GUARANTEED to improve your workouts. She also gives you three reasons why it’s so

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012 – The Half Size Me Podcast: Snack Girl Shares Healthy Snack Ideas for You and Your Family

On this episode of The Half Size Me Podcast, Heather interviews Lisa Cain, who runs the healthy snack and recipe site, Snack-Girl.com! Lisa shares some fantastic ideas for low-cost, and healthy snacks for you and your family to enjoy. In

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