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And just in case you’re new here, I’d like to share with you a little of my own story.

Starting at 313 pounds shortly after the birth of my first son, I went on to lose almost 170 pounds over the next five years.

Despite numerous false starts, binge eating, and too many obstacles (both physical and mental) to list here, I lost the weight naturally through a healthy diet and weight loss.

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Heather and Max, December 2006

Heather and Max, December 2006

My Weight Loss Journey

I’ve battled my weight my entire life.

As a mother of three little boys, I knew I needed accountability and support .

And if I wanted to be the mother my kids deserved, I had to make losing weight a priority.

When I was in high school, I lost 80 pounds. It took me about 6 months, and I used extreme dieting and exercise to reach my goal back then.

Sure, I achieved my goal weight, but I also ended up gaining back the weight I’d lost and, eventually, I gained almost 100 pounds more!

Heather going to have Connor in December, 2007

Heather going to have Connor in December, 2007

In early 2006, I got pregnant with my first son. It should have been the happiest, most exciting news I’d ever received. But when the doctor told me I weighed 290 pounds, instead of joy and excitement, I felt ashamed and depressed.

This was the heaviest I’d ever been.

My heart sank as I began to realize I would continue to gain weight throughout my pregnancy.

After having Max, I weighed 313 pounds. Being this large  made the pregnancy difficult and when no one realized I was pregnant until the 3rd trimester, I vowed to lose the weight and keep it off… forever!

I wanted to be an active, healthy mom. Running beside my children, not just watching from the sidelines.

My Most Humiliating Moment

After the birth of my son, I had to buy a scale that registered over 300 pounds.

I can’t describe the humiliation I felt. But even though this experience hurt deeply, it also ignited something inside me: the drive I needed to take action and achieve my weight loss goal!

Heather, Max, and Connor in May, 2008

Heather, Max, and Connor in May, 2008

I’d gotten my weight down to 270 pounds when I found out I was pregnant with my second son, Connor.  This was only 5 months after having Max, so I put my weight loss on hold while I was pregnant.

But during this pregnancy, I ate healthier and walked regularly. I managed to maintain my weight this time. And after I had Connor I lost twenty more pounds

I weighed 250 when I found out I was pregnant in 2009 with my third son, Parker. Like my previous pregnancy, I maintained my weight through healthy eating and exercising. After Parker was born, I realized I was having a hard time taking care of three little boys and losing weight.

I needed help.

So, I joined Weight Watcher’s in June of 2010 for the support and motivation I needed.

Heather, Parker, and Max in December, 2010

Heather, Parker, and Max in December, 2010

I’d joined Weight Watcher’s several times before, but this time was different. I just knew it. Every time I’d joined Weight Watchers before, I’d convince myself that I could do the program on my own.

But I wanted this time to be different, so I said to myself, “If that never worked for you before, what can you do differently this time?

The answer was simple.

I would stay with Weight Watcher’s, attend every weekly meeting and count every point, no matter how long it took to lose the 100-plus pounds I had left!

Heather today!

Heather today!

The Journey Continues…

My life has changed a lot since losing almost 110 pounds with Weight Watcher’s.

I’ve gone from hardly able to load and unload my boys into their car seats, to running around the park with them.

One of the reasons I wanted to lose weight was so I wouldn’t hold my kids back. I used to avoid activities that were too difficult for me and that I was too embarrassed to do.
But now I can do anything because my weight does not hold me back!

I’ve learned that I’m worth taking the time to get healthy and stay that way. And while I’ve achieved weight loss success, my journey continues.

I hope you’ll continue to visit Half Size Me and share your weight loss journey with me too!

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