346 – Half Size Me: Giving Yourself Permission To Be Happy

In this episode of The Half Size Me™ Show, Heather talks to Alissa about

  • how she had to double her protein and start lifting weights to get to her goal weight and see her body change
  • how she had to give herself permission to be happy with her weight and not continue to pursue more weight loss
  • how her mindset has changed about the process of losing weight and keeping it off by being kinder to herself
  • and much more!

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345 – Half Size Me: Ask Coach Heather 029 – How To Start Liking Your Body As It Is Today

In this episode of The Half Size Me Show™, Ask Coach Heather Edition, Heather talks to you about
  • how to let go of binary choices and start liking your body as it is today, not only when you hit a certain weight goal
  • why learning to appreciate your body needs to start from a place of neutrality
  • why you don’t have to abandon our health goals to love your body
    why you do not have to be filled with self-loathing to be motivated to exercise and eat less
  • how we can begin to learn how to have a better relationship with our body and still bring positive changes into our lives
  • and more!

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299 – Half Size Me Community Weekly Webinar 299

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