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Half Size Me 2017 Push-Up Challenge

Please watch this video for instructions. Download the Push-up Challenge PDF to document your results! Share :

How to Keep Distractions Out of Your Weight Loss Plan

Guest Post By LaToya Gay Whether you’re getting started with a new weight loss plan or you’re nearly to your goal, distractions can easily derail your hard-earned progress in no time at all. Luckily, there are a lot of ways

How You Can Lose Weight Eating More

All right, public service announcement time. I am begging you to please stop starving yourselves. I hit my screen weight — which, if you’re in the maintenance world, you know that is the highest end of where you want to

Are You Struggling With Your Weight Loss?

Have you been struggling lately with continuing on with your weight loss? Maybe you’ve plateaued or your weight loss is slowing. I’ve had two coaching clients recently in this same situation. For one client, we decided on a week of

How Much Exercise Do You Need To Lose The Weight?

I recently got a question about how much exercise you should be doing for weight loss versus weight maintenance. My answer is whatever you can maintain, whatever is sustainable. For example, if you’re doing two hours of cardio a day

How To Change Your Mindset When Losing Weight For The Second Time

I got a message on my Facebook page from a woman named Karen. Karen had lost 100 pounds back in 2010. She went down to 160, then gained weight back, got up to 299, and now she’s back down to

How To Eat When You Go Off Plan Or After A Binge

On Mother’s Day, I went to Cracker Barrel. I had three pancakes, two servings of eggs and bacon. I also went to Chipotle and had what I usually get there, and then I had Cold Stone ice cream for dessert.

Knowing Your Why

Something that I typically work with my coaching clients on right away, or that we at least talk about, is their “why.” A lot of times, we get so caught up in the scale, the weight loss, the program, that

Life Factors Affecting Your Weight Loss

Several of my coaching clients have come to me with questions that they weren’t sure were within our scope of coach and coachee. When I ask if it plays into their eating behaviors and exercise, most often it does. For

Thoughts On Diet Bets

One of the things I’ve found transformational in my weight loss journey was creating personal boundaries and codes for myself. For a long time, I did not have those in my life. I generally got what was right and wrong,