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Knowing Your Why

Something that I typically work with my coaching clients on right away, or that we at least talk about, is their “why.” A lot of times, we get so caught up in the scale, the weight loss, the program, that

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Life Factors Affecting Your Weight Loss

Several of my coaching clients have come to me with questions that they weren’t sure were within our scope of coach and coachee. When I ask if it plays into their eating behaviors and exercise, most often it does. For

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Thoughts On Diet Bets

One of the things I’ve found transformational in my weight loss journey was creating personal boundaries and codes for myself. For a long time, I did not have those in my life. I generally got what was right and wrong,

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The Secret To My “Program”

I recently got two emails asking me the exact same thing, so I thought this was something I should clarify. They both said: Here’s my problem; will your program help me? Here’s the funny thing: My program is no program.

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5-Year Anniversary of Maintaining My 170-Pound Weight Loss (and My 4 Tips for Keeping the Journey Exciting!)

Each year I release a blog post sharing my thoughts after another year of weight maintenance. You can read about Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4, and this year is no different. I truly believe that we

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A Message For Humans Only

Hello, fellow human beings. I’m coming to you with a message that I need to hear and need to share, which is that we are all human, which means we all struggle. The reason I’m sharing this is because my

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Why You Think You Don’t Have Enough Time

People often put off making positive changes for their health because they don’t want to be bothered. They don’t want to have to think about it. They have enough going on in their lives. Here’s the thing. If your health

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What Is The Secret Sauce For Weight Loss Success?

Today, I’m going to share with you what I think is the secret sauce to success with weight loss and continuing on your weight loss journey is. I did an awesome interview with somebody who lost 235 pounds. She regained

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Are You Struggling with Your Why

I was talking with one of my coaching clients recently, and she said she wanted to lose 9 pounds that she had put on since hitting her goal weight. One of the things she was struggling with was extreme dieting

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How To Stay Motivated When The Scale Stays The Same

I am going to come to you with a real, real moment. This Easter, I woke up and was feeling really down about myself. I don’t normally share these things. I try to stick to the positive. But there will

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