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Half Size Me Presents: Heather Weighs In 002

18 September

“What’s right is what’s left if you do everything else wrong.” — Robin Williams Episode Notes: In this episode of Heather Weighs In, Heather answers two listeners questions regarding meal planning and the importance of getting support along your weight loss journey. You’ll also hear the rest of the interview with . Weekly challenge: Take […]

136 – Half Size Me: Sam from Tips of the Scale Shares His Love of Health with the World

15 September

In this episode of Half Size Me, Heather talks to Sam about his favorite workout song, quotes and what he eats every day the reoccurring patterns he sees in weight loss success stories that could help you how the love he felt for his new son and his late father motivate him to share his love of health with the […]

134 – Half Size Me: Why the Pain of Change is FAR Better Than Staying the Same with Dani

01 September

In this episode of Half Size Me, Heather talks to Dani about why the pain of change is far better than the pain of staying the same why she wanted to give a voice to all those who felt they could not discuss weight related issues what happened when she didn’t lose what she had hoped for during her first weigh […]

133 – Half Size Me: Sustainable Health, Fitness, and Weight Loss with HSM Community Member Jennifer B.

25 August

In this episode of Half Size Me, Heather talks to Jennifer about why she approaches her weight loss from the mindset of asking, “Is this sustainable?” why filling your mind with positive inspiration helps yield  positive results how she learned to focus on small goals and what her body is capable of, rather than just focusing on the scale and much […]

132 – Half Size Me: Why Strength Training Helps Women Lose Weight With Kellie Davis

18 August

In this episode of Half Size Me, Heather talks to Kellie about how Kellie began to eat more and gained muscle for her first power lifting competition how Kellie changed her view of the scale what she recommends for people with a large amount of weight to lose and want to start strength training why eating well is important if you want […]

130 – Half Size Me: Ditching the “I can’t” from Your Life with HSM Community Member Denise

04 August

In this episode of Half Size Me, Heather and Denise talk about how Denise ditched the “I can’t” from her life she controls her eating during stressful times by surrounding herself with positive information her doctor takes Denise’s concerns more seriously now that she’s lost the weight and much more!