IMPORTANT: Before you start posting, commenting, and responding in the community or during the meetings and webinars, please read these Guidelines.

[LAST UPDATED: 05/07/2018]

This community is intended to be a safe, inviting, fun environment where you can share your successes, your struggles, and your ideas.

If there is anything that is unclear, or if you’re in doubt please feel free to contact our Moderating team here at 1 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Please Note: This is a privately owned community. We, The Owners and the Moderating Team, reserve the right to accept or decline your membership application at any time or for any reason, so you are not guaranteed membership and your membership is subject to revocation. We reserve the right to declare what is suitable and what is not suitable for, The Half Size Me Community group page, or during our online meetings.


Note: These Guidelines are subject to change as we see fit.

  1. No content that is considered racist, obscene, x-rated, or objectionable will be tolerated. All such posts will be deleted without notice and the member who posted it will be issued infractions and or banned at our discretion. This includes avatars & signatures.
  2. This is a Family Friendly Forum. Don’t post content that you would not want your children, mothers, husbands or wives to see.
  3. No Discussion of Politics will be allowed on 1, on the Facebook group page, or during the meetings. If you wish to discuss Politics go to
    US Message Board – Political Discussion Forum
  4. No Discussions on Religion will be allowed in most categories either. However, some of our subgroups contain religious or spiritual content. If this is not something you want to participate in then DO NOT join those subgroups. We will consider whether comments are in violation or not. If you find a comment you aren’t sure about, please flag it so a moderator can look into it.
  5. You will NOT violate any member’s privacy by publishing information that is private and personal.
  6. Do NOT post any of your own personal information (like your mailing address, phone number, birthday, social security number, etc) in any comments or on your member profile. We adhere to the privacy standards of the EU GDPR (General Data Protective Regulation), and while most of our members are not located in the EU we still want to protect everyone’s privacy. If you want to know more about GDPR and what it requires, click here. By using this forum you are actively consenting to the use of your name (or at least the name you use in your member profile) and your email. If you have any questions, please review our privacy policy here or email
  7. Personal attacks (Flaming, Name Calling) on others will not be tolerated. We take politeness very seriously. You are welcome to challenge others points of view and opinions but do so respectfully and thoughtfully. Please remember The Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated!
  8. We have a zero-tolerance approach on SPAM. If you post spam, you risk your account being permanently banned and your topic will be deleted. No third-party advertising is allowed on or during the meetings without prior approval by the owners. That said, we pride ourselves on not including third-party advertising in our podcasts, meetings, or within this forum. The only marketing you will receive from us will be from Half Size Me Media, LLC and related to something available through our company. We will NEVER share, rent, or sell your personal information (e.g. name, email, address, phone number, etc.).
  9. DO NOT advertise anything that costs money. Offering Items or Services to Trade are not allowed. Anyone trying to use the various sites or social media pages/groups of Half Size Me Media, LLC to advertise any item(s) for sale may be issued infractions and or banned, and their posts may be deleted.
  10. Do not send spam via private messages. See #8 above.
  11. Do NOT promote and advertise your (or anyone else’s) affiliated websites, domains, companies, or services in any of the discussion forums, including your Facebook group/page. This includes starting a thread, replying to a post, or putting it in your signature. If there is any content on your webpage that solicits fees, we may have reason to disallow it. The only way people would ever be allowed to advertise on this site is if they are paying to do so, upon approval (this includes owner-approved affiliate products). Please see #8 above.
  12. No charity/fundraising posts will be allowed without prior authorization of the owners/admins. The “asking” or “suggestion” of making donations by any member without prior authorization of the owners/admins is not allowed.
  13. Users may disagree with the decisions or actions of the moderators and/or owners/administrators; however, disagreements, criticism and the like are not to be aired publicly anywhere on, the closed Facebook group (or the public Half Size Me page), or during the meetings. Please feel free to private message the person directly rather than air your grievances in public.
  14. Any abuse towards our staff and/or management will result in immediate suspension of your account. We decide what constitutes “abuse”. Depending on the severity, you will receive a warning for a first offense. However, continued abuse or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Your membership will be terminated immediately and you’ll be banned from returning to the Half Size Me Community.
  15. If you have any questions as to whether something is acceptable, please message a moderator.

Except for Spammers, We will make every effort to notify you if you are not following the community’s Guidelines. Moderators and Administrators have the final word. If you have a problem or a complaint please direct it to the owners/admins instead of posting it in public (see #8 above). We will quickly take the appropriate actions to resolve your issue in a private and discreet manner.

Most of all… Have fun and enjoy the community!