Listener Praise

What listeners and fans are saying!

  • “Heather presents us with great information and great interviews that make the journey to health and weight loss seem achievable.”

    MeloCamaro (from iTunes)
  • “As a working mom, I appreciate the fact that Heather acknowledges the struggle to find balance and time to care for yourself, but always reminds the listen that s/he is worth the struggle!”

    Bensima (from iTunes)
  • “When I listen to [Heather] I feel like I am talking to a friend and it amazes me that [she] always manages to talk about something I am directly experiences.”

    Peytonsmoma (from iTunes)
  • “It’s like half mini therapy session half motivational talk and inspiration.”

    Natsublime (from iTunes)
  • “It’s hard to stay motivated when you are a frazzled, exhausted, chuby, over-extended working mommy but Heather makes me want to keep going and makes me feel good about it.”

    Jgorder (from iTunes)
  • “Even though she says that she loves inspirational stories, it’s her pragmatic and realistic approach to weight loss that inspires me and so many others.”

    mmackey (from iTunes)
  • “Heather is so knowledgable and is… unafraid to share her experiences. She is a true treasure!”

    Loriethefloridian (from iTunes)
  • “I also love the fact that this podcast is not about a specific diet or a plan, but rather emphasizes the mindset and motivation aspects which are often the missing links.”

    Israeli Listener (from iTunes)
  • “Heather is a fireball of inspiration, her personal weight loss journey is so amazing, and she speaks with such authority because she has lived and tested every ounce of what she says.”

    Ashlee Spear (from iTunes)
  • “Heather just gets it, and not only does she put out there helpful tips and useful insights, but she shares what she personally has worked through.”

    A&A's mama (from iTunes)
  • “Real people talking about real issues that affect those of us trying to lose weight and eat better, while battling all the things that got us here in the first place.”

    Caroline in NH (from iTunes)
  • “Heather has a great story, and her motivational words and weight-loss tips always hit home with me… because they are realistic and yet inspiring!”

    Steph_TLR (from iTunes)
  • “I love the inspirational stories of the guests that Heather interviews. Heather keeps it real.”

    kammopup (from iTunes)
  • “I can’t tell you how much your honest[y] and that of your guests means to me. I’m not alone on the journey this time and it’s making ALL the difference.”

    AnneliseinRaleigh (from iTunes)
  • “It’s so motivational to hear about people who’ve lost a lot of weight and to also hear how maintenance works.”

    Kita_Bear (from iTunes)
  • “Listening to Heather I am able to feel empowered and really face why I eat more than I need and really focus on tools to stay in line with working out.”

    Dbomb32 (from iTunes)
  • “Heather is great, sounds like a pal updating you on what’s been working or not working for her, and most importantly lots of insight from someone who’s been there and fought the fight and won.”

    Taking My Turn (from iTunes)
  • “I love this podcast. Heather gives me hope. When I am feel like giving up or need some pep talk I listen to this show.”

    216Glow (from iTunes)
  • “”Listening to [you] made me realize that I really have nothing to fear and can celebrate this journey by living a healthier lifestyle.”

    Lorie L.