Weekly Menu Plan: May 7 – 13, 2012

Portobello_Mushroom_Burger_at_Loving_Hut_Restaurant - by SweetOnVeg from Flickr - Creative Commons licenseby Heather Robertson

I found some lean ground beef marked down at the store this last week.

The low price and lean beef just screamed at me, “HAMBURGERS!”

At least that is what I heard in my head, so this week is a little more beef heavy than usual.

Breakfast Meals

Click the links for recipes (if available)

  • Egg whites-onion, mushroom, leftover ham
  • Leftover Appple Cinamon Panckakes

Lunch Meals

Click the links for recipes (if available).

  • Leftovers

Dinner Meals

Click the links for recipes (if available).

  • Chili Dogs (This is more for my hubby and boys. I like my hot dogs “plain jane” with mustard.)
    • Cream-style corn
  • Stuffed-mushroom burger (I will use portabella mushroom and make this meal dinner sized.)
    • Corn on the cob
    • Fruit salad
  • Breakfast dinner
    • Eggs scrambled, Bacon , Hashbrowns
    • Apple-Cinnamon pancakes (Don’t forget to double or triple this recipe so you’ll have an easy breakfast later in the week!)
  • Yellow Rice and chicken
    • 4 boneless Chicken thighs
    • 1 package Vigo yellow rice mix
    • Follow instructions on package
    • Peas
  • Leftover night (We have at least one “leftover night” every week to clear out the fridge and prevent wasting food.)


Click the links for recipes (if available).

  • Sugar-free, fat-free pudding



After losing 170 pounds by changing her mindset, developing healthier eating habits, and making exercise part of her lifestyle, Heather decided she wanted to help others who struggled along their weight loss journey. Along with her hubby, Joel, they founded HalfSizeMe.com and the extremely popular Half Size Me Show podcast.

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