Help! for the Holidays Guide and Resource Toolkit

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Aren’t you tired of getting your health and fitness goals derailed every holiday season?

Don’t you wish, just for once, you could stay on track and not find yourself desperately scrambling to make up for lost time and gained pounds as the year comes to an end?

Wouldn’t it be nice to tell that pushy relative “no thanks” when they offer extra dessert without feeling guilty or angry?

Well, then the Help! for the Holidays Guide and Resource Toolkit is for you!
This valuable guide and toolkit will help you with
  • navigating the seemingly endless candy and treat temptations
  • planning your holiday meal… and the meal after
  • setting healthy boundaries with family and friends around the dinner table
  • setting maintainable, achievable goals during the holidays
  • handling leftovers and free food gifts
  • getting back on track quickly after the holidays
  • managing your stress during the holidays
  • enjoying yummy food without spiraling out of control
And because all of these resources are located in our HSM Community forums, you’ll also be able to discuss your struggles with others and get help as you learn more about the topic.
Made to help you throughout the entire hectic holiday season, you’ll have access to
  • 11 audio webinars where Heather helps you navigate holiday challenges
  • 15 videos featuring Heather sharing valuable tips and tricks
  • 3 worksheets you can use to get a hold on your behaviors
  • and many other resources
And the best part? Whenever a new holiday-focused resource like a webinar, video, worksheet, or article is created, you’ll receive access to those as well. That means Help! For the Holidays is a resource that will continue to grow over time!
Isn’t it time to enjoy the holiday season and not let yourself fall victim to the same behaviors and habits that set you back year in and year out?
Then get the Help! for the Holidays Guide and Resource Toolkit today!