Setting Goals and Celebrating Your Achievements

by Heather Robertson

In this video, I talk about running my first 5K this past weekend. It was called the “Mud Crusade.” It was difficult, but I did it.

Running a race was a goal I set for myself a long time ago. I knew that after I reached my weight loss goal, I wanted to do things that didn’t seem possible before I lost the weight.

But now, anything’s possible.

It can happen for you to. Watch the video to hear how I made one of my dreams a reality and how you can too!

What are the goals you want to make happen after you reach your weight loss goal? Tell me in the comments section.

Click play on the video to hear more!

***Heather is not a doctor, nurse, or certified health professional. What worked for her may not work for you. So, please be sure to talk with your doctor, dietician, or a health professional when seeking advice on your own weight loss or weight maintenance plan. All information included in The Half Size Me Podcast and on is for informational and inspirational purposes only.

After losing 170 pounds by changing her mindset, developing healthier eating habits, and making exercise part of her lifestyle, Heather decided she wanted to help others who struggled along their weight loss journey. Along with her hubby, Joel, they founded and the extremely popular Half Size Me Show podcast.

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7 comments on “Setting Goals and Celebrating Your Achievements
  1. Teresa Stone says:

    “Way to go!” Not just a 5k – but an obstacle course – WOW!

    What are the goals you want to make happen after you reach your weight loss goal?” — been pondering about this all afternoon, things I am missing out on have flooded my mind, but the top few are

    1. Go kayaking (a hobby my husband & kids want us to take up as a family, but I’m to embarrassed to go kayaking shopping – afraid that they don’t make kayaks big enough for me)
    2. Run 5K & 10Ks – each time a local nonprofit is hosting one
    3. Ride a roller coaster
    4. Ride a bike
    5. I know you said no clothes goals, but I really want to have cute bras again one day! I look at some bras I saved from college (20 years & 170 lbs ago) and I think, not only were the bras cute, but my “girls” must have been so cute at that size also!


    PS – after much fear, joining WW tomorrow. Your story & the success stories have given me lots of needed courage!

  2. HeatherRobertson says:

    Thanks Teresa! I am so glad you gave your goals some thought and that you created such a great list! I am so proud of you for working past your fears and joining WW. You are stronger then you think you are. I am here for you during your journey. When it is all said and done you will feel fantastic when you can go back to this list and start to cross items off because you made it! I am very proud of you! Let me know how your meeting goes!

  3. cara says:

    Congratulations on your first race! That is an awesome accomplishment and I heard it was a fun race. I hope to do it next year. I will say that the rain put a damper on those of us trying to take pictures *ahem*. I do have a few pictures on my blog from the race that you might enjoy 🙂

  4. HeatherRobertson says:

    Thanks Cara! I appreciate your feedback! I agree the rain was crazy! I love your blog! I am homeschooling too. I hope to see you there next year!

  5. Aaron Butler says:

    Hey Heather,

    Here’s a list I wrote when I first started on my weight loss journey!

    1. Going to a concert/sporting event, and being able to buy a t-shirt.
    2. People not assuming I want their extra food.
    3. Not having to evaluate all the chairs in a room to determine which chair is most likely NOT to fail when I sit on it.
    4. Not feeling sorry for people that sit next to me on an airplane.
    5. Clothes shopping at a store with neither Big nor Tall in the name.
    6. Not even noticing if my current route involves stairs.
    7. Eating ice cream in public without feeling like people are judging me. (Please, no crunchies in my smoothies.)
    8. Never searching for the “maximum load” sticker on a ladder before climbing up it.
    9. Making the statement “one size fits all” true for me personally.
    10. Riding any ride I want at Six Flags. (Sometimes I think they need to add a “You must be this narrow to ride” sign in addition to the “You must be this tall to ride” sign. Ask me about the Batman ride at Astroworld sometime.)

  6. HeatherRobertson says:

    Great list Aaron! I really like #8 I looked for that sticker too. It is amazing what you have to think about when you are obese. Thanks for taking the time to share your list!

  7. Joy Lewis says:

    Hi Heather, Love your podcasts and just dropped by your website and now I’m hooked on your videos. lol Congrats on your 5K, geez you are a great motivator!
    Here are my Goals for after I lose the weight…maybe before if I can do it.

    Do a mini-triathlon

    Go Skydiving

    Go on a river trip with my aunt (1 week).