My Weight Watchers Weekly Menu: March 10 – 16, 2012

Egg Salad by esimpraim - Creative Commonsby Heather Robertson

This week I will be using up some of the food we’ve saved up over the past few months (that happens when you use coupons like we do).

I like to clear out our “stockpile” from time-to-time to empty out my freezer.

If you have any recipes or menu ideas you would like to share please add them to the comment section below.

Have a great week!

Breakfast Meals

Click the links for recipes (if available).

  • Hash Brown Egg White Nests ( I have frozen Orida hash browns that I will use instead of fresh hash browns like the recipe calls for)
  • Oatmeal (with Truvia and cinnamon)
  • Scrambled eggs with fresh fruit

Lunch Meals

Click the links for recipes (if available).

  • Salad:
    • roasted chickpeas
    • tomato
    • red onion
    • green olives
    • parmesan cheese (1 tbsp)
    • olive oil
    • Balsamic vinaigrette dressing
  • Leftovers

Dinner Meals

Click the links for recipes (if available).

  • Whole wheat pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce
    • Green beans
  • Grilled Talapia Fillets (Gordon’s Fishermen brand frozen)
    • brown rice
    • steamed cauliflower
  • Perogies (Mrs. T brand frozen)
    • tomato sauce
    • corn
  • Leftovers (We have at least one “leftover night” every week to clear out the fridge and prevent wasting food.)


Click the links for recipes (if available).

  • Banana smoothie
    • 1 ripe frozen banana
    • ¼ packet sugar free fat free chocolate pudding,
    • 1 cup fat free milk
    • put in blender and blend until smooth and creamy
  • Weight Watchers Smart Ones sundaes
  • Klondike (100 calorie frozen novelties)
*Remember, I’m on the Simply Filling Plan, so if you’re going to include any of these menu items into your own plan, please make sure to put your own ingredients in the recipe builder to find out point values.

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After losing 170 pounds by changing her mindset, developing healthier eating habits, and making exercise part of her lifestyle, Heather decided she wanted to help others who struggled along their weight loss journey. Along with her hubby, Joel, they founded and the extremely popular Half Size Me Show podcast.

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2 comments on “My Weight Watchers Weekly Menu: March 10 – 16, 2012
  1. Tiffany says:

    I’m so excited to stumble upon your site! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Examples for menus by a REAL mom. Can’t wait to listen to your podcasts, might even do that on the treadmill! I’m new on this Weight Watcher journey, but have been working (or rather not working) to get off these 30+ pounds for sometime now. Praying this is the time I get it done. Please, keep this going. It’s a perfect support for people like myself doing Weight Watchers online, but also needing a “partner” in the process.

  2. HeatherRobertson says:

    Thanks Tiffany! I appreciate the feedback! I am so glad you found us! It is great that you are taking the steps to get the weight off and making your self a priority. I am thrilled the menus are so helpful. I know all mommas get too busy to think about week to week what they are going to eat and that can really effect their diet. Keep coming back and make sure you sign up to get the free weight loss tracker. It will help you stay focused on getting the 30lb off in a realistic way. Have a great week!