HSMC Course (Non-Member’s Version): How to Lose Weight The Maintainer’s Way

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In this course, you’ll learn

  • what the maintainer’s mindset is and how it can help you lose weight
  • how to stop falling victim to the yo-yo dieting trap
  • how to get big results just by changing this one thing
  • why setting goals outside of the scale is important
  • how to properly take maintenance breaks and why they’re important
  • how to love your small wins and non-scale victories
  • what the one secret is that Heather used to guarantee her long-term weight loss success

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SECTION 1: Do The Math

In the course, I share how much of my life I spent yo-yo dieting, talked about losing weight with the maintenance mindset and estimated how long I will maintain that weight loss. Numbers have a funny way of removing emotion and shedding light on the reality of your situation. Now it’s your turn. Let’s do the math to find out how long you have yo-yo dieted, what realistic weight loss looks like for you and how long you will maintain that loss.

Topics included in this section:

Section 1.1 – Determine How Much Time You Have To Accomplish Your Goals

Section 1.2 – Estimate How Much Time You Have Spent Yo-Yo Dieting

Section 1.3 – Estimate How Much Time You Will Spend Losing Weight With The Maintenance Mindset

Section 1.4 – Calculate How Much Time You’ll Spend Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Section 1.5 – Section 1 Conclusion

SECTION 2: Add In Habits That Are Maintainable

The most important questions to ask yourself when considering adding a new habit are: Is this sustainable? Will I be willing to do this for the rest of my life? Can I see myself doing this into my 60s and 70s?

Topics included in this section:

Section 2.1 – Evaluate Potential New Habits

Section 2.2 – Calculate Your Success Rate

Section 2.3 – Reflect On What You Learned While Trying A New Habit

SECTION 3: Take A Maintenance Break

Remember, a maintenance break is not a free for all for eating. It’s not going off your diet. Instead, it’s coasting — eating like you will when you finish losing weight. You’ll still track your food; you’ll just adjust your calorie intake to focus on your maintenance level of caloric needs.

Topics included in this section:

Section 3.1 – Calculate Your Maintenance Calories

Section 3.2 – Mark Your Calendar


SECTION 4: Stay Focused

We’ve talked about the fact that you won’t feel the overwhelming, all-encompassing focus or excitement for this approach that you may have felt with diets in the past. That’s normal. You aren’t going to keep the same level of extreme enthusiasm for months or years that you can muster for a 21-day diet. The longer you go, the more normal it becomes, and the more permanent your habits become. This is a good thing; it will make maintaining when you reach your goal so much easier.

Topics included in this section:

Section 4.1 – Record Non-Scale Victories



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