135 – Half Size Me: Focusing on the Art of Happiness with Emily

135In this episode of Half Size Me, Heather talks to Emily about

  • why finding her body composition set her free from focusing on scale weight.
  • how she learned eating more was the key to health and losing weight.
  • how she learned to focus on the art of finding happiness.
  • and much more!

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About Emily: 

“My name is Emily, and I am 31 years old, Around age 23 or 24 I started to experience some dramatic changes in body for the worse. I developed skin issues (acne) and started experiencing extreme fatigue, edema in my lower leg and foot and dry skin. That same year I decided to sell everything to move to Europe, a long time dream of mine.

Upon moving to Germany for work, my symptoms became worse, to the point that I knew if I did not see a doctor I would have to move home. I could sleep all day!!! Luckily the Dr. I went to in Germany was beyond wonderful and figured out what other doctors in the US had not- that I had severed Hashimotos thyroiditis, also known as hypo thyroidism.
While taking medication made me feel almost instantly better, I still suffered from the weight gain from before my diagnosis, and the inability to get it off. It has taken me YEARS to lose 35 pounds and add muscle but I do not regret how long it has taken me. Instead of losing too much weight and being skinny fat, I have changed my body’s composition.
A couple of years later, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and upon stopping all consumption of wheat and gluten containing items my health began to truly return. I started eating healthy and working out. I have been gluten free since 2007.
It wasn’t however, until I changed my mindset and relationship with my body before I really made any gains (or losses, rather!). I know that losing weight is complex, I have learned so much about myself through my journey, and although I would not mind losing a little bit more body fat, I couldn’t be happier with how healthy I am. I appreciate my body and what it does now eons more than I ever did before. Having a body fat text in 2013 changed my entire perspective, and it has been through the last year that I have made the most profound changes.
Due to my experiences with health and my skin, I went to school for and became a Licensed Skin Therapist/Esthetician in an effort to help others who need to address their skin. I realized it takes far more than just topical creams or even eating healthy in order to have your ideal skin. I also have a keen interest in helping those with weight related skin issues, how skin responds to diet and stress, as well as finding practical solutions to skin ailments.
I feel like there are thousands of “gurus” out there for all things weight loss and love the viewpoint that Heather brings. I too, am navigating the journey of being healthy, happy while also having a realistic view of my body.”

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