130 – Half Size Me: Ditching the “I can’t” from Your Life with HSM Community Member Denise

130In this episode of Half Size Me, Heather and Denise talk about how

  • Denise ditched the “I can’t” from her life
  • she controls her eating during stressful times by surrounding herself with positive information
  • her doctor takes Denise’s concerns more seriously now that she’s lost the weight
  • and much more!

HSMC-BANNER About Denise: 

I thought I was fat in jr high and high school.  Now I realize I was more of a skinny fat.  Wasn’t athletic at all, so had no way to gain muscle.  Food growing up was healthy for the most part.  My mother cooked all our meals.  They just never kept any kind of junk food in the house.  If it was there it went stale.  It was more of a meat and potato diet with veggies and whatever fruit was on sale.

First diet was with my mother, she asked me to go on one with her.  I took it as she thought I needed it, I realize now she needed support.  I figured out real quick I could lose and still sneak ice cream while on a “diet”.  The healthiest diet we went on was called a Daniels diet.  It was mostly veggies and fruits.  No high fat rich foods.  I lost, mother didn’t.  I know she was on weight watchers for a while.  

My memory of that was after she would weigh in, she would go get a pineapple Sunday.  I learned you get food as a reward even on a diet.  I never saw her track her food or really eat any different than she had.  To this day I don’t understand how she was so obese, she never ate any more than the rest of us at meals.  Meals were pretty controlled on portions.

Moving away from home I found processed food! Mmmmmm, and easy for a mom with a new family.  3 kids one right after the other.  Hamburger helper was my friend. I even used it as part of my special diet.  You can fit just about anything in a 1200 calorie diet!

In 1985, I was hit by a car.  I broke my neck, my head, both bone in my right calf, and had horrible road burns from being dragged. I was told to never lift anything over 5 pounds.

Fast forward, found a heart mummer, then interstitial cystitis.  Both wear me out!  Doctor finally put me on a medicine because my body was “under too much stress from pain”.  I had a horrible reaction to it, and ended up with sinus tachycardia. (my natural pace maker went crazy)  My pulse would run in the 100’s while I slept.  It went crazy when I moved. Sitting on the couch I realized I had to do something.  Food was the only thing I could control.  I had lost weight before eating healthy and walking but I just couldn’t handle the thought of counting calories again.  I’d done it before, would do go, then just go back.  I joined weight watchers.

Counting points worked well for me.  I’ve always been ok with eating veggies or so I thought.  Once I really added them into my diet I realized how often I skipped them.  WW worked for me ok.  I am a very slow loser.  Doc said my metabolism got very screwed up because of all I went through.  He told me to only lose ½ pound a week so that it was really fat loss not water and muscle.  

I’ve been frustrated, or thought I could do better so go it alone counting calories.  I always go back to ww.  Was told about simply filling and just love it!  I’m actually losing consistently when I make sure ½ my plate is veggies and/or fruit. Then I found kettlebells thanks to Heather’s interview with Tracy Reifkind.  I found out that done correctly, I can swing a lighter bell and it actually helps my neck.  I’m getting stronger  and able to do things I would never have thought I could.  Walking is still my main exercise.  I can do it anywhere, regardless how I feel.

I’ve branched out to doing challenges with my daughters.  We are finishing up a plank challenge.  We are up to 4 minute planks.  We are also doing a squat challenge.  170 today.  Before my knees would never have done that, but thanks to a healthy diet my knees don’t hurt so much any more.  We are going to start a couple new ones next week, a stretch to learn to do the splits, and a cross fit 30 day challenge. It has a few things I will have to modify, but I’m going to do it!

In the last year, my mother passed away and my husband has had a battle with cancer.  I really believe the reason I was able to get through each trial was because I’d become healthier.  It wasn’t easy, but I’m doing it.  Lots of walks, and lots of fruit does it for me.  I still have to turn to some comfort food just changed what that is.


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