051 – Half Size Me: Weight Loss Success Story – Jenny lost 212 pounds!

051_ImageIn this episode of Half Size Me, Heather interviews Jenny Hodges, who lost 212 pounds through diet and exercise!

Along her weight loss journey, Jenny discovered that she loves group fitness, cycling, and endurance challenges.

She considers herself a decent runner, and she blogs about her life in Florida, her family, the challenges she faces, and what it took to overcome severe morbid obesity.

She’s also a weekly contributor on Channel 10 News WTSP Tampa.

In this episode, you’ll hear Jenny share

— how she got started with group fitness

— how feeling vulnerable with her husband pushed her to lose weight

— how she plans on making everyone ‘weird’ like her

— and much more!

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Half Size Me is an hour-long, weekly podcast meant to inspire you and motivate you no matter where you are on your weight loss journey. If you’re just getting started losing weight, or if you’ve started and stopped so many times you’ve lost count, this is the show for you!

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So, join Heather every week as she shares information, inspiration, and interviews with women who’ve learned weight loss isn’t just about losing pounds, it’s about finding yourself.

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After losing 170 pounds by changing her mindset, developing healthier eating habits, and making exercise part of her lifestyle, Heather decided she wanted to help others who struggled along their weight loss journey. Along with her hubby, Joel, they founded HalfSizeMe.com and the extremely popular Half Size Me Show podcast.

One comment on “051 – Half Size Me: Weight Loss Success Story – Jenny lost 212 pounds!
  1. Amber Payne says:

    I listen to these podcasts about how people have lost a lot of weight, suddenly gained a love for exercise or became a jogger/runner, and became a different person. I was a thin, good looking woman and now I am a fat, middle-aged frump. It makes me mad when I consider the world treats me differently based on how I look. It makes me not want to try to lose weight or look better. My family and close friends should love me for who I am, not what I look like. It is not like I am a different person if I am 70-80 pounds heavier. I still have feelings. It is so sad. I feel almost rebellious against losing weight because of this. My husband and I don’t have much of a romantic relationship anymore, and he claims it is not because of my appearance but because he is tired all the time. I don’t buy that. If I were a supermodel laying next to him every night, he would have no problem. How do I get over my rebellious attitude toward losing weight? I think I keep the weight on because I am mad at society and for the people around me in general, for not loving me as I am. I know it is a sick thought and I shouldn’t feel this way. But I do. I am sick of being judged because of the way I look. I just want to escape from everyone and everything.